woman working with nutritionist in therapy learning about nutrition and mental health

Nutrition and Mental Health

If you suffer from anxiety or other mental health disorders, you may benefit from the services available at the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles. Besides talk therapies, our counselors and staff use education and self-help techniques to guide you on your way to peace of mind and restored mental wellbeing. This includes learning about…

young woman smiles in a field during national suicide prevention month

National Suicide Prevention Month

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), PTSD and suicide rates have continued to climb by 30% in the United States since 1999. More than 40,000 people commit suicide annually. This epidemic leaves families to pick up the pieces and somehow work through their loss. For this reason, National Suicide Prevention Month is an essential time…

seniors in meditation class think about the effects of meditation on the brain

Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Numerous research has revealed the connection between meditation and the brain. New studies suggest that there are multiple benefits to meditation, specifically as it applies to addiction recovery. From changes in grey matter to improving nerve connections throughout the brain, there are several positive effects of meditation on the brain during a mindfulness based stress…