Havening Techniques in Los Angeles, CA

Havening Techniques is based in neuroscience, however it works differently than the previously mentioned modalities. Unlike many techniques, once a person learns it they can provide it to themselves. Havening is a way of soothing that works to feel better after a stressful event or when dealing with a depressed or anxious mood. For an upsetting event that doesn’t seem to be getting better with time or by talking, writing, prayer, or other tools, Havening Techniques can help.

Regarding trauma, if certain circumstances are in place traumatic encoding of negative events will occur in the brain—a type of linking or neuroassociations. This can make us more sensitive to future traumatic events. Havening can help remove this sensitivity by delinking the event and how we feel about it.

Havening Techniques is a psychosensory therapy which means the sensation of brushing down our arms, hands, or face heals our psyche by causing a calming effect on our body and mind. This sensory input helps change our moods, thoughts, and behavior. Havening works with the combination of emotional activation, havening touch, distraction techniques, breathing, and eye movements.

Experience in Therapy in Brief

The client brings up an issue that is disturbing, upsetting, angering, or sad, or even cravings. After the person identifies the event or feeling, they rate it on a scale of 0-10 and then begin brushing down on their arms or the therapist provides facilitated havening which many people enjoy. They then play distraction games such as picturing themselves walking and counting out loud at the beach or mountains, or counting items, naming things, playing sports, or humming songs. There are many variations to the games. What people report is that they no longer feel traumatized by the event or it is farther away or less important.

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