Dr. Kate Truitt lectures on neuroscience and Havening Techniques at the Echo Center for Parenting and Education. Participants learn how to take intentional, confident action in the heat of the moment, as well as how to develop emotional resilience and resources to embody a safe, compassionate, and connected presence.

Did you know that “Burnout Syndrome” has now been recognized as an official medical diagnosis under the International Classification of Diseases. According to a recent Harvard Business Review publication – a staggering 50% of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers have even quit jobs for mental health reasons. Understanding burnout at both a personal and professional level is vital for life success. 

Do you have feelings of: 

  • Anxiety?
  • Energy depletion or exhaustion? 
  • Negativism? 
  • Sleep disturbance? 
  • Pain & frequent illness?  
  • Loss of drive?  
  • Brain fog?  

Watch below to learn about the neuroscience behind Burn Out and begin developing your own self-care for brain health and burnout protection.

Dr. Kate Truitt explores the relationship between trauma and psychoimmunology at the 2018 Psychoimmunology Summit. Explore the longstanding impact of stress and trauma on brain and body development, especially as they relate to immune disorders and chronic illness. Dr. Truitt is an expert in trauma and stress and herself has survived Encephalitis and the serious resulting complications. Dr. Truitt shares her recovery story including tools she used to help her brain and body heal.

Hear from ​expert ​ Dr. ​Kate​ Truitt ​, PhD, MBA​ on how to develop grit, a growth mindset, and learn about the Neuroscience of both. Tune in for a special introduction on how the Havening Techniques play a special role in harnessing the power of neuroplasticity to develop a resilient and resourceful brain. This is a great opportunity for learning how to help students (and you!) achieve success in the classroom and beyond.​​

Kevin Horek invited Dr. Truitt back to his show #BuildingtheFuture in July of 2017 to dive deeper into how the Havening Techniques can be used for stress management, to harness the power of neuroplasticity, and enhance personal empowerment. The episode has aired nationwide and you can easily access it here. We have so much power to heal the brain and enhance how we live and experience our life. It’s time for better living with Neuroscience!

Dr. Truitt and Kevin are back and are discussing the joy of the holidays and goal setting for the New Year: The Holiday’s are here! Tis the season for celebration and joy. It’s also the season for reflection, celebration, connection, and goal setting. The Holiday’s are frequently a mix of many emotions both painful and positive. Watch Dr. Truitt on the Building The Future podcast where she and Host Kevin Horek explore the ins and outs of setting your holidays up for success.

Dr. Truitt describes how dentists and patients can engage the Havening Techniques for successful anxiety reduction and nervous system modulation before, during, and after a dentist appointment. This workshop is focused on the integrated care model the ALF InterFACE Academy sponsors in the treatment community – focusing on full mind and body care with an integrated team of practitioners. Learn about the brain, anxiety, and wellness while engaging in experiential activities utilizing the Havening Techniques.