Through cognitive processing therapy (CPT) at Trauma Counseling, we can help you learn how to modify and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs that are associated with your childhood or adult trauma. Cognitive processing therapy can help you reduce the destructive effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in your life.

Whether you are dealing with child abuse, military combat, rape, a death, or a natural disaster, we can help you break through the barrier of mental and emotional turmoil and reclaim your life. To find out more about cognitive processing therapy in Los Angeles today, contact our PTSD treatment center in Los Angeles at 310.720.8200. Our trained professionals can help you find the peace and well being that you desire.

How Does Cognitive Processing Therapy Help You?

In cognitive processing therapy, we work with you over the course of 12 sessions. During this time, we help you learn how to identify, challenge, and change the negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that have plagued your mind since your trauma.

While it is perfectly normal to feel the way you do, you may also have noticed how this negativity has affected your life. You may feel imprisoned by the weight of your thoughts and emotions. Once you become more aware of the connection between the trauma and what is currently going on inside you, then we can help you develop a plan for overcoming it and healing from the past.a woman sits with a female counselor during cognitive processing therapy

What Are Automatic Thoughts?

Automatic thoughts are thoughts or feelings that occur when you associate something with your trauma. An event, sight, or sound may trigger your thoughts or emotions instantly. Thus, the feelings continue the cycle of the PTSD symptoms. Through cognitive processing therapy, we can help you address these thoughts.

You can discuss the event, how it happened, and the impact that it has had on you. That impact is what we will explore, i.e., your automatic thoughts. Through a series of questions, answers, and discovery, we can slowly begin to help you question these thoughts and deal with them so that you can transition into more positives and begin to heal.

CPT as Part of Our Treatment Program

At Trauma Counseling, we utilize CPT as part of a broader treatment program that helps you recover from PTSD. Some of the other treatments we offer under our program include:

Our focus is always on you, the individual. When you visit us for the first time, we will sit down with you and go over your current circumstances. You can tell us your story, ask any questions, and discuss your concerns or fears. We are here to listen, to encourage, and to provide you guidance as you start your path toward recovery.

As leaders in the trauma treatment field, we have worked with others just like you who felt the weight of PTSD. They are now living happier, more productive lives. So can you. You just need the help of caring and supportive professionals who can help you recover from your trauma.

Contact Us Today About Cognitive Processing Therapy

If you are ready to stop living in the shadow of PTSD, then there is help available right now at Trauma Counseling. Our effective treatment programs, like cognitive processing therapy, can take you through the steps from trauma to well-being. We offer professional, evidence-based treatment that can help you address your issues. To find out more, call Trauma Counseling today at 310.720.8200.